All waterslides measure: 22 foot tall, 40 foot long and 18 foot wide

All day rental. Drop off morning/ 1 pm and pick up next day morning/ 1 pm.

No deposit and no credit card required to reserve
Don’t want to reserve online?
Call us and we will be glad to answer any questions and take your reservation over the phone!

“TROPICAL WATERSLIDE” 22 foot Tall with Pool

This is Summer’s favorite waterslide and will have your guess questioning, “where did you get this?”. The four palm trees stand tall with its bright blue fresh colors. Climb up the 22 foot tall slide as you speed down fast to cool down to the pool.

“TROPICAL CANYON” 22 foot tall Waterslide with Pool

The name says it all, this Tropical Canyon waterslide has a drop from the very top 22 foot peek. Enjoy the cool water as you slide down the pool. This is a huge waterslide that will bring fun to your entire family, friends and guess of all ages.

“ROLLING BLUE THUNDER” 22 foot tall Waterslide with Pool

This is a true stomach drop, eye opener fun waterslide you and your guess will love! Feel the rush as you slide down the 22 foot tall single lane drop down to a huge splash of cool water.

“PARADISE ISLAND”- 18 foot Double Lane with Pool

Everyone will love playing in this waterslide called “Paradise Island”! You will truly feel as if you have your own private island in your own yard. Four tall palms trees can be seen from miles away with the bright blue cool lanes leading to the pool. Reserve this waterslide now for your next event.

“OCEAN WAVES”- 18 foot Double Lane with Pool

This 18 foot dual lane slide is fun for all ages including adults. Grab a family member or friend to race up this waterslide as you rush down to see who lands in the pool first. This particular waterslide has a huge wave on top and two palm trees on the bottom. Reserve now so you can see how impressive it is in person.

“MELTING SUN WAVES” 18 foot tall Double Lane with Pool

No need to climb a mountain to reach the sun! This 18ft dual lane wave waterslide takes riders up to the sun and blast down the sun’s two rays, lanes. Cool off from the sun as you splash to a pool back
to the Earth surface to redo the entire adventure again.

“JUNGLE’S WAVE” 22 foot tall Single Lane with pool

Have you ever been in a jungle? Rent this waterslide and bring the wild life to your own private event. With its huge wave standing tall at the peek of this waterslide, you will see how immense this slide is. The picture does not justify its size, reserve now to witness in person. 

“FIRE BLAST” 22 foot tall Single Lane with Pool

This waterslide is unique in every way. The bright colors on this slide screams fun and will definitely bring excitement to all your guess. Witness the tall wave on top and come down the bright red lane as you pass up two palm trees right before you land into the pool. This one is popular and will be reserved fast so call now to place your order. 

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