5 in 1 combo wet/dry

5 in 1 combo wet-dry

Price: $160.00

5 in 1 combo wet/dryKids of all ages will have a blast in this 5 in 1 combo unit where they can bounce, climb, slide, and even shoot basketballs into the hoops, you can also customize it with the theme of your choice Heroes, action figures, cartoon characters and prince/princesses are often a child’s dream come true while planning a party. No matter which theme your little one chooses to go with, you’ll be able to put a smile on his/her face because this inflatable bouncer will fit the need by simply adding a panel in the front..  Good times come together and stay in your memories forever any time family events are planned. More of those occasions are planned and carried out in the summer because everything seems brighter then. The heat is sometimes unbearable and water slides are the perfect solution for that. The cool breeze surrounds the area while the laughter of the children fill up the air with happiness. An awesome way to get everyone together, entertain them with inflatable play time and provide a blast with keeping them all cool at the same time. One thing is for sure: the good energy and vibes last a long time and specially longer in everyone’s memory books and photo albums. The kids bouncing around, climbing and sliding has a good affect on their physical health and muscle growth which combined with the energy factor and the fun sounds like a winning plan for all. Please make sure proper supervision is ensured at all times..


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